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June - September 2015

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17/09/2015 - Launch seminar of the European OiRA tool for the Live Performance sector

The European social partners in the Live Performance sector (Pearle and the European Arts and Entertainment Alliance) organised this event to present and launch their European Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool. This is the fifth European OiRA tool developed by EU social partners after the following sectors: private security, hairdressing, leather and tanning and the cleaning industry. For further detail, please visit the EU-OSHA website: http://www.oiraproject.eu/oira-tools

This OiRA Tool has been developed in last two years to help venues and artistic productions meeting the numerous challenges caused by the great diversity of elements to be considered in relation to Occupational Health and Safety (OSH). Sector-specific risk assessment approaches were necessary to deal with live performance challenges in a user-friendly way.

During the meeting, the social partners presented these specific points: the technical elements in relation to set, rigging and stage; the stunts and performances on the stage; and the chemical and hazardous substances that may be used in special effects.

16/09/2015 - European Employers’ Network (EEN) at BusinessEurope

During this meeting organised by BusinessEurope, the following subjects were discussed:

·     Tripartite Social Summit on 15 October: information on theme and designation of the EEN member to be included in the BusinessEurope delegation

·     EEN “objectives and modalities of cooperation”: discussion and endorsement of renewed approach

·     Future EU skills strategy: exchange of views

·     Evaluation of EU health and safety directives: exchange of views

·     Activities in the cross-industry social dialogue: relaunch of the EU social dialogue; promoting and acting upon recent outcomes

·     Activities in the sectoral social dialogue: exchange of information; sectoral representation in EU Platform on undeclared work; and ongoing social impact assessments

·     Update on social affairs dossiers: social aspects of Commission’s 2016 work programme; Roadmap for improving work-life balance in working families; Mobility Package / social security coordination regulation / posting of workers directive; ongoing evaluations of European works councils recast directive / quality framework on restructuring / and written statement directive 91/533

14/09/2015 - Liaison Forum on the European social dialogue, at DG EMPL

The “Liaison Forum”, which is organised several times per year by DG EMPL, offers a regular platform of information, discussion and exchanges of experience on subjects of interest for EU social partners’ representatives. This meeting was dedicated to the following issues:

·     Update on the new start of Social Dialogue, including feedback on the two new thematic groups

·     Update on upcoming Commission policy initiatives

·     Administrative and technical issues for Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees: work programmes and planning for 2016

·     State of play of evaluations concerning the 2015 Calls for proposals from DG EMPL

31/08/2015 - 31st August - 1st September: Meeting with three real estate brokers to buy a new suitable office for the Secretariat in Brussels

In order to find a new office for the EFCI as well as to better understand the real estate market in Brussels, the Secretariat met three representatives from the following agencies:  CBRE, DTZ and BNP Paribas Real Estate Belgium.

18/08/2015 - Meeting with representatives from the World Federation WFBSC to explore an eventual future collaboration with the EFCI and its member associations

The World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC) is an organisation gathering national and international associations, contracting companies, manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. WFBSC’s aim is to address problems of common concern, exchange new ideas and promote the building service contracting industry. For more details, please visit: http://www.wfbsc.org/.

In this context, Sarah Bentley (General Secretary of WFBSC) and Roger Goodman (Director and Treasurer of the WFBSC) met Andreas Lill in Brussels to discuss an eventual future collaboration with the EFCI and its member associations, as they estimate that several mutual benefits could be realised from a closer working relationship between both associations. With this in view, the WFBSC would like to explore the potential for the EFCI and/or its members to join the WFBSC, as only a few European associations are actually WFBSC members.

It was therefore decided that Sarah Bentley and Roger Goodman will present their ideas regarding a future collaboration at the next Board meeting in Berlin.

07/07/2015 - European Employers’ Network (EEN) at BusinessEurope

The EEN, which is organised several times per year by BusinessEurope, offers a regular platform of information, discussion and exchanges of experience on issues of interest for European employers’ associations. During this meeting, the following subjects were discussed:

§  Mobility package: Exchange of views on the Commission consultation seminar of 10th June (targeted review of posting of workers directive, revision of social security coordination regulation)

§  Recent BusinessEurope positions: presentation and discussion on a recent position paper on the gender pay gap, and on a statement concerning the EU alliance for apprenticeships

§  Activities in the cross-industry social dialogue: autonomous work programme 2015-2017; and in-depth employment analysis

§  Activities in the sectoral social dialogue: exchange of information 

§  Update on social affairs dossiers: Working time; Evaluation of EU Health and Safety Directives; Corporate Social Responsibility; Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORP); Undeclared work; Information and consultation of workers; and Pregnant workers

29/06/2015 - ESBA annual event entitled “Better regulation: the way forward”

The European Small Business Alliance (ESBA) is a non-party political entity, which cares for small business entrepreneurs and the self-employed and represents them through targeted EU activities. It represents almost one million small businesses and covers 35 European countries. Its lobbying at EU level aims to promote the access to finance for SME’s as well as a better regulation to reduce administrative burden on companies. For more details on the ESBA, please visit: http://www.esba-europe.org/index.asp

The event aimed to discuss the ‘Better Regulation Package’ published by the Commission on 19 May 2015 (see the Secretariat note of 18th June 2015). The Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans presented his package of measures by reiterating that Better Regulation does not necessarily mean deregulation and that transparency is a key ingredient for a successful agenda. ESBA members welcomed in particular his plans for a single Regulatory Scrutiny Board (RSB) aiming to scrutinize impact assessments both at Commission level and at the Parliament, where heavy amendments often call for revised or new impact assessments.

During the following panel discussion, Czech MEP Pavel Telicka (ALDE) expressed his support for a Regulatory Scrutiny Board but warned that it would be very difficult to get an agreement with the Parliament for such a Board. Finally, Anne van Goethem from the Luxembourg EU-Council Presidency expressed her willingness to accompany the negotiations aiming to reach an interinstitutional agreement between the 3 main EU-Institutions on better law-making by the end of 2015 (see the Secretariat note of 20th August 2015).