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November 2010 - February 2011

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03/11/2010 - Final EFCI - UNI Europa conference in the frame of the joint project on the implementation of the European social dialogue

Jointly organised by UNI Europa and the EFCI, this conference was a success with 45 people present. More than a usual meeting, this conference was mainly dedicated to present the following issues:

  • European social dialogue in the cleaning sector – what has been achieved and future aims
  • Overview of the cleaning sector: actions taken and issues of concern about health and safety
  • Promotion of Socially Responsible Public Procurement in the cleaning sector
  • National response to price pressures: UK London living wage campaign
  • Challenges of the European social dialogue in the cleaning sector
  • Danish Visible Cleaners campaign – highlighting the value the role of cleaners in society
  • Collective bargaining in the Netherlands
  • Our Cleaning European Social Dialogue – looking into the future

The conference served also to identify the priorities of the EU social dialogue for the period 2011/12:

  • Health and safety
  • Regulatory issues
  • Social dialogue
  • Working conditions
  • Standards setting and training

09/11/2010 - "Single Market Forum" at the European Parliament

The European Parliament held its first open forum on the “Single Market Act” with the presence of the responsible Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, Michel Barnier. Over 600 people attended the event, amongst which high ranked politicians as the Belgian Federal Minister for the Internal Market, the Belgian State Secretary for European Affairs as well as European employers’ and trade unions’ representatives. The forum mainly served to present the “Single Market Act” and to start a dialogue with the other two European Institutions and the other interested stakeholders. The Commission stressed the need to find a common agreement on the priorities of the proposed measures and on the possibility to implement them in an accelerated and coordinated way. Therefore, the Commission announced a proposal to the other European institutions to assert their support to the final work programme due to be adopted in spring 2011. Finally, the Single Market Forum is set to become an annual event bringing together concerned stakeholders. The next Forum will take place in autumn 2011.

06/12/2010 - “Liaison Forum” at the Commission Directorate General for Employment

The “Liaison Forum, which is organised several times per year by DG Employment, offers a regular platform of information, discussion and exchanges of experience on subjects of interest for European social partner representatives. The following subjects were presented and discussed:

  • Reorganisation of DG Employment
  • Presentation of the Commission communication "An integrated industrial policy for a globalisation era: Putting competitiveness and sustainability at centre stage"
  • Presentation of the Commission communication "An agenda for new skills and jobs: A European contribution towards full employment"
  • The ITC-ILO-ETUC project on "Sectoral social dialogue in EU12 and candidate countries"
  • Dates and topics for social dialogue conferences and Liaison Forum meetings during 2011

27/01/2011 - 4th meeting of the European Sustainability Project at the EFCI offices

This meeting was organised in the frame of the European Sustainability Project, carried out by the French member association FEP and financially supported by the European Commission under the Life + programme. Next to FEP and EFCI, representatives from the associated associations from Belgium, Germany, Italy and the UK were present. Each member association presented the latest developments and FEP representatives outlined the future steps of the three-year project (2010-2012):

  • Feedback from the Commission following inception report and visit of the external monitoring team on 1st and 2nd December 2010 in Paris
  • Presentation of national projects by associated associations: progress and encountered difficulties
  • Self-diagnosis and reporting tool
  • Presentation of the prototype: adaptation by associated associations (methodology, planning); testing conditions; detailed presentation of FEP Programme; sustainability training programmes proposed for cleaning companies; first results; stakeholders panel
  • Daytime cleaning: presentation of the methodological tool (CD-Rom) developed by FEP in partnership with French national purchasing body

31/01/2011 - “Implementation of the Services Directive - One year on”, Conference at the European Economic and Social Committee organised by BusinessEurope and Eurochambres

Organised by BusinessEurope and Eurochambres, this conference gathering 150 persons was dedicated to the implementation of the services directive, one year after its transposition by Member States into their national legal system. The objective was to identify the priorities to better use the potential of services markets in Europe by removing legal and administrative barriers to trade in the services sector. The keynote speaker Michel Barnier presented the main subjects of the final work programme on the “Single Market Act” due to be adopted in spring 2011. The conference was divided in two main panel debates: the first regarding the “European Single Market” and the second regarding the “Points of Single Contact”. Furthermore, both organising associations presented at this occasion their surveys regarding the latest developments of the single market for services. Finally, participants highlighted that Member States should improve their cooperation but also their communication on the points of single contact. A better collaboration between EU Member States and the simplification of the points of single contact are the main tools in order to reach the full potential of growth that a better implementation of the Directive could produce (estimated at between 1% and 1.5% of growth in the EU).