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Liaison Forum at the European Commission DG EMPL

The “Liaison Forum”, which is organised several times per year by DG EMPL, offers a regular platform of information, discussion and exchanges of experience on subjects of interest for EU social partners’ representatives. The following subjects were presented and discussed:

- Minutes of the thematic Liaison Forum on the "Capacity Building" of National and European Social Partners of 12th December 2011
- Introduction: recent and forthcoming developments for EU social dialogue & industrial relations – Jean-Paul Tricart, DG EMPL, Head of Unit for "Social Dialogue, Industrial Relations"
- ESF support of social partners' capacity building: feedback from EU social partners on good practice cases (follow-up to the last thematic Liaison Forum held on 12 December 2011)
- Modernising European public procurement to support growth and employment - presentation of the Commission's legislative proposal to reform the EU public procurement directives', by Elena Puiu, legal and policy officer, DG Internal Market and Services, Public procurement policy
- Representativeness studies: state of play for 2012
- Presentation of the final report on Trade and Labour: Making effective use of trade sustainability impact by Mr. Steve Gibbons, Director of Ergon
- Preparation of the next thematic Liaison Forum on skills and jobs (including Sectoral Skills Councils) to be held on 21 May 2012