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Thematic Liaison Forum on the “Capacity Building” of national and European social partners, at the European Commission, DG EMPL

The “Liaison Forum”, which is organised several times per year by DG EMPL, offers a regular platform of information, discussion and exchanges of experience on subjects of interest for EU social partners’ representatives. The following subjects were presented and discussed during this thematic event:
• European social dialogue and “capacity building”: Jean-Paul Tricart, Head of Unit for Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations, DG EMPL; and Peter Kerckhofs, Eurofound, research activity on social dialogue capacity building in the new Member States
• Promoting capacity building of social partners in new Member States - sectoral and pluri-sectoral approaches (chair: Norbert Schöbel, Head of Sector, DG EMPL, Unit B1)

- Overview of projects financed on capacity-building under the budget lines related to "industrial relations and social dialogue" and "information and training measures for workers' organisations", by Nadia Elhaggagi, DG EMPL 
- Presentations of the following sectors:
- Agency work industry: Michael Freytag (Eurociett)
- Commerce: Ilaria Savoini (Eurocommerce) and Novka Piljic (GPA-DPJ, Austria)
- Cleaning sector: Irena Pálková (IPmanagering, Czech Republic) and Tibor Ritz (MATISZ, Hungary)
- Local and regional governments: Christine Jakob (EPSU) and Christina Dziewanska-Stringer (CEMR)
- Live performance sector: Anita Debaere (Pearle) and Thomas Dayan (EAEA)
- Metal: Mina Vukojicic (EMF)
- International training centre, ILO (programme for workers' activities): Evelin Toth Mucciacciaro (ACTRAV, ITC-ILO)

• Overview of projects funded on capacity building at national level co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF), by Dominique Bé, Deputy Head of Unit, DG EMPL
• Final round-table discussion:  Jean-Paul Tricart, Commission; Professor Stijn Smismans (Cardiff Law School) on the academic literature on capacity building; Juliane Bir, ETUC; and Guillaume Cravero, BusinessEurope