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Conference on the role of the social partners in implementing European tools and principles

Jointly organised by CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) and the European social partners, the aim of this conference was to address the challenges involved in implementing the European tools and principles for education, training and learning across Europe.
• Welcome and opening speeches: Nadja Hirsch, MEP; Christian Lettmayr, Acting Director, Cedefop; Hélène Clark, Director for Lifelong Learning - Policies and Programme, Commission; Steven D’Haeseleer, BusinessEurope; Luca Visentini, ETUC, Confederal Secretary
• EU tools for Vocational and Educational Training (VET) and Lifelong Learning (LLL): state of play and future challenges: introduction by Mara Brugia, Cedefop; Jens Bjørnavøld, Cedefop; Gerhard Riemer, Federation of Austrian Industries, Austria; and Hermann Nehls, ETUC, Chair of Cedefop’s Governing Board
• Parallel working groups: group 3 on the role of sectors in taking forward the implementation of EU tools and principles: chair and introductory speech, Loukas Zahilas, Cedefop
- Luisa Coutinho, Portugal and Tim Jessop, UK, European Welding Federation; Professor Linda Clarke, Westminster Business School, UK and Professor Christopher Winch, King’s College, UK; Ben Gittus, EOSE Director of Standards, UK; Brigitte Mester, Eurocommerce; and Sylvain Lefebvre, political Secretary of EMCEF
• Parallel social partners groups: discussion in one group of employers and one of employees