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Liaison Forum at the European Commission DG EMPL

The “Liaison Forum”, which is organised several times per year by DG EMPL, offers a regular platform of information, discussion and exchanges of experience on subjects of interest for EU social partner representatives. The following subjects were presented and discussed:

  • Minutes of the Extraordinary Liaison Forum of the contribution and potential of European social dialogue to improving health and safety at work of 19 May 2011
  • Introduction: recent and forthcoming developments for European social dialogue and industrial relations, by Jean-Paul Tricart, DG EMPL, Head of Unit for "Social Dialogue, Industrial Relations"
  • Social dialogue issues:
    • Social Protocol 20 Years Conference held on 24-25 November 2011 in Warsaw (Poland), input and participation of sectoral social partners
    • Networking day for beneficiaries of calls for proposals VP/2011/001 and VP/2011/002: purpose, agenda, follow-up, by Stefaan Ceuppens
    • Representativeness studies: state of play 2011 and discussion of a 2012 draft work programme
  • Europe 2020 Flagship initiative "Youth on the Move": state of implementation of DG EMPL - led actions, by Christiane Westphal
  • Impact assessments: update on the involvement of social partners and consultation on sectoral social dialogue committees, by Frank Siebern-Thomas
  • European Years 2011/2012:
    • European Year of Volunteering 2011: preliminary results presented by John MacDonald, Head of Task Force, followed by a discussion on the role of social partners
    • European Year for Active Ageing 2012: outlook presented by Ralf Jacob, Head of Unit DG EMPL/D3, followed by a discussion on the role of social partners
  • Key priorities and expected outcomes of European sectoral social dialogue in 2012, Tour de table of social partner representatives
  • Preparation of the next thematic Liaison Forum on capacity-building and social partner projects to be held on 12 December 2011, Tour de table of social partner representatives