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Meeting with representatives of ABSU-UGBN, FEP and the European Commission regarding the “LIFE plus project” at the EFCI premises

Next to the EFCI, representatives from ABSU-UGBN (Steven de Cleer) and from FEP (Stéphanie Hirtz) and the person in charge of the monitoring of the “LIFE plus project” on behalf of the Commission (Capucine Dubois from the French company Astrale GEIE / Oréade-Brèche) attended the meeting. The purpose was to monitor and to assess the state of advancement at mid-term of this project co-financed by the Commission and wherein five EFCI member associations are involved (Belgian, English, French, Italian and German). Special focus was put on the measures taken until now as well as the action plan developed by the Belgian association (ABSU-UGBN) in the frame of this European project.