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Informal meeting organised by DG EMPL between representatives of sectoral social partner associations concerning the legislative proposal on public procurement

On the initiative of DG EMPL, several sectoral partners associations discussed eventual points in common regarding the public procurement legislative proposal, which is actually discussed within the European Parliament. Next to the EFCI, the sectors represented (either by both the employers and trade union side or by one of the sides) were: Private security, Catering, Textiles, Construction, Live performance, Road transport, Iron & Steel, Electricity, Woodworking, Central administrations and Local and regional governments. 

During the discussions, in which each sector resumed his specific interests and points of concern regarding this policy issue, it became clear that the other sectors representing labour intensive services share similar concerns as the EFCI. As a result, it was agreed that the EFCI together with CoESS (private security) and FERCO (catering) as well as the related trade unions (UNI-Europa and EFFAD) will explore ways to draft a joint statement on the following points of concern:

-       Lowest cost versus the most economically advantageous tender (article 66 of the proposal)

-       Abnormally low tenders (article 69 of the proposal)

-       Electronic auctions (article 33 of the proposal)

-       Transparency / monitoring of public procurement processes (articles 83-88)

The representatives of the textiles and construction sector expressed their strong interest in being informed about this exercise in order to eventually join this initiative.