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EMPL-Committee meeting at the European Parliament (EP): debate on the draft report for an enforcement of the PWD published by the Rapporteur Danuta Jazlowiecka

After the publication on 8 November by the Rapporteur of her draft report with 58 amendments, the EMPL-Committee (Employment) held a debate on this controversial reform. Discussed and evaluated at the last EFCI Board meeting in Vienna, it was unfortunately acknowledged that this draft report did not improve the situation concerning the provisions enumerated in article 9. Even more, the Rapporteur aims to decrease the national control options by strongly defending the argument that for reasons of legal clarity national authorities would only be able to impose a restricted number of national control measures, as set out in article 9, paragraph 1, point a - d.

During the meeting, most of EMPL members expressed their discontent with the proposed 58 amendments and requested a more flexible application of article 9, thus allowing national authorities to apply additional control measures or administrative formalities. Therefore, the list of control measures should be kept open, in order to allow for other control mechanisms than those currently enumerated in article 9, paragraph 1, point a – d. Taking account of the importance to enable all EMPL-Committee members to eventually give their opinion on this major file, the deadline for amendments was postponed from 13th December 2012 to 8th January 2013.