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IMCO-Committee meeting at the European Parliament (EP)

a.)   On the enforcement directive of the Posting of Workers’ Directive (PWD)

In the morning, the IMCO-Committee (Internal market) held a debate on this file. Indeed, the IMCO-Committee is in charge of giving its opinion on the proposed reform with as Rapporteur, the Danish MEP Emilie Turunen (Greens) who has published her draft opinion on 24 September 2012. During the debate, most of IMCO members considered that the reform contains numerous tricky issues, but were confident to reach balanced compromise amendments in the final IMCO opinion. With regard to Article 9 of the Commission proposal on the control measures, the majority of IMCO members are in favour of an open list in order to ensure clarity, legal certainty and transparency that companies can expect when they use the posting of workers across the EU. It was also recognised that a room for manoeuvre has to be given to Member States when they implement specific control measures.

b.)   On the EU reform of public procurement: consideration of compromise amendments

In the afternoon, the IMCO-Committee held a discussion to find compromises on the 1.593 amendments presented in the framework of the proposed reform. At this occasion, it was announced that the IMCO vote of adoption of the final report would be postponed from 29th November to 18th December 2012 as to find the relevant compromises between IMCO members. To this end, the Rapporteur announced that several in camera IMCO meetings would take place in the next weeks. The final IMCO report is expected to be published in January 2013.