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"Single Market Forum" at the European Parliament

The European Parliament held its first open forum on the “Single Market Act” with the presence of the responsible Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, Michel Barnier. Over 600 people attended the event, amongst which high ranked politicians as the Belgian Federal Minister for the Internal Market, the Belgian State Secretary for European Affairs as well as European employers’ and trade unions’ representatives. The forum mainly served to present the “Single Market Act” and to start a dialogue with the other two European Institutions and the other interested stakeholders. The Commission stressed the need to find a common agreement on the priorities of the proposed measures and on the possibility to implement them in an accelerated and coordinated way. Therefore, the Commission announced a proposal to the other European institutions to assert their support to the final work programme due to be adopted in spring 2011. Finally, the Single Market Forum is set to become an annual event bringing together concerned stakeholders. The next Forum will take place in autumn 2011.