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Single Market conference at the European Parliament

Organised at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Single Market, this high-level conference was divided into three parts: opening session by José Manuel Barroso, Malcolm Harbour, Mario Monti and Michel Barnier; achievements of the Single Market; and challenges of the Single Market.  

The most important session of the event consisted in presenting the new Commission’s initiatives proposed two weeks before in the communication, “Single Market Act II – Together for new growth”, which aims to help creating the right conditions to fully exploit the Single Market’s potential (see in this regard the Secretariat note of 12th October 2012).

To this end, the main speakers, especially Commissionaire Barnier, highlighted three needed actions: to carefully follow up the implementation of EU legislation at Member State level, to create the correct legal “ecosystem” as to foster and develop entrepreneurship in the EU and to reduce as much as possible the administrative burden for companies and consumers.