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Liaison Forum at DG EMPL on the functioning of the EU social dialogue

The “Liaison Forum”, which is organised several times per year by DG EMPL, offers a regular platform of information, discussion and exchanges of experience on subjects of interest for EU social partners’ representatives.

This meeting was essentially dedicated to the general logistical functioning of the European social dialogue Committee meetings in times of economic crisis and budgetary constraints. The aim is to improve the general functioning of the European social dialogue in order to increase the commitment of EU social partners, but as well to produce more concrete results and tools from the EU social dialogue framework. This debate can be summarized as follows:

Firstly, Jean-Paul Tricart (Director of the Unit B1 in charge of Social dialogue and industrial relations within the DG EMPL) explained to participants that the DG EMPL will see a decrease of 10% in its budget lines for the years to come. This situation implies a necessary optimization of its financial ressources, in particular on the management of the 41 European social dialogue Committees. A discussion took place between participants and the Commission’s officials and European representatives of various sectors express their viewpoint. A big majority estimates that these rules will improve the global functioning of the EU social dialogue when financial ressources are increasingly decreasing.

Secondly, Mr Tricart presents the first newsletter of his Unit related to EU social dialogue. This quarterly newsletter aims to provide information on the European social dialogue, its functioning, its tools and its achievements. In this regard, members can subscribe through the following email address in case they want to receive the newsletter: EMPL-SD-NEWSLETTER(at)ec.europa.eu