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IMCO-Committee meeting on the reform of public procurement rules (first phase of consideration of amendments regarding clusters 1 to 5) at the European Parliament

This meeting was dedicated to the first phase of consideration of amendments regarding the proposed reform and can be summarized as follows. The purpose was to consider the amendments regarding the thematic clusters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, which are linked with the Rapporteur’s draft report of May 2012 (see in this regard our Secretariat note of 25th May 2012). Indeed, the Rapporteur Marc Tarabella had created a list of ten thematic clusters in order to structure the discussion.


At the beginning of the meeting, he presented the state of play of the IMCO-Committee work after the summer break and explained that he wishes to now study more closely these ten clusters with IMCO members. His main objectives concerning the five first clusters are: to simplify rules, to create efficient and transparent rules, to reduce administrative burden, to develop e-procurement and to allow for a better access of SMEs in public procurement. After a question of the IMCO-Committee Chairman Malcolm Harbour concerning the method chosen in terms of futur work of compromise on the 1.593 amendments presented, the Rapporteur provides an update of the indicative calendar of the legislative procedure, as follows:


·   25th September 2012: In camera IMCO meeting - Shadows' discussions

·   10th October 2012: In camera IMCO meeting - Shadows' discussions

·   5th November 2012: Second phase of consideration of amendments (clusters 6 to 10) in the IMCO-Committee

·   28th November 2012: Consideration of compromise amendments in the IMCO-Committee

·   29th November 2012: Vote of adoption in the IMCO-Committee

·   2013: Vote in plenary at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (estimate)


Following this update, the six Shadow Rapporteurs gave their opinion on the dossier. Indeed, Frank Engel (EPP), Jorgo Chatzimarkakis (ALDE), Heide Rühle (Greens), Malcolm Harbour (ECR), Dennis de Jong (GUE) and Matteo Salvini (EFD) represent the different political groups within IMCO-Committee. These IMCO members will have a decisive influence on the votes of the MEP’s of their political groups at the time the public procurement reform will be discussed in plenary session at the European Parliament. Their various comments stressed the absolute need to find good compromises on the final text in order to have a revised Directive, which is efficient and meets its key objectives.


Each of them highlighted his/her points of satisfaction and of disagreement regarding the reform and the amendments proposed. In this regard, a working document named “Shadows’ work plan” was distributed and published on 19 September on the IMCO website. It proposes a draft list of controversial issues by cluster, detailed information per cluster and informative timetable and order of discussions within the IMCO-Committee.


After the exchange of views with the Shadow Rapporteurs, seven other IMCO members asked the Rapporteur on technical questions related to the legislative procedure, in particular on the calendar, internal communication and work of compromise. Finally, a representative of the European Council explained that the proposed reform would be discussed at Council level between the end of October and the beginning of November 2012.