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IMCO-Committee meeting on the public procurement reform at the European Parliament (Presentation of the Rapporteur’s draft report and debate)

At the IMCO-Committee meeting, were present five shadow Rapporteurs, most of the IMCO members and a European Commission’s representative, with the aim to consider the Rapporteur’s draft report. After a presentation of the draft report by the Rapporteur Marc Tarabella, five of the shadow rapporteurs gave their opinion on the document and a general discussion followed. The draft report focused on two key themes of the public procurement reform:

a) How to make the most of using strategic, notably social, procurement criteria and;

b) How to achieve procedural simplification and flexibility, including the promotion of e-procurement.


The following main subjects were highlighted: the definition of social criteria and their taking into consideration in the selection and in the award phase, the need to better define the Most Economically Advantageous Offer (MEAT), the generalisation of e-procurement for 2016, the abolition of the distinction between A and B services, the thresholds’ amounts and the subcontracting chain.


The Rapporteur Marc Tarabella explained that he was opened to discuss and work on all the key issues underlined by speakers. Other priorities for the Rapporteur were possible exemptions from procurement rules for cooperation between public authorities; access of SME’s and strengthened oversight in the form of national enforcement bodies. On the demand of many IMCO members, he accepted to postpone the deadline for amendments, initially foreseen for the 14th June, until the 5th July in order to allow for his colleagues to write their amendments in time. The Chairman of the IMCO-Committee Malcolm Harbour (ECR) closed the meeting after two hours of intensive debate.