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Meeting at Eurofound Brussels liaison office concerning the 2011 representativeness studies on European sectoral social partners organisations

Since 2006, the European Commission has mandated Eurofound (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions) to carry out studies on the representativeness of European sectoral social partners’ organisations (employer associations and trade unions). The aim of the representativeness studies is to identify the relevant national employers’ and trade unions’ associations in the field of industrial relations in a specific sector in order to provide information needed for the setting up and functioning of sectoral social dialogue Committees at EU level.

 Last year, the EFCI was informed that the Commission had requested Eurofound to carry out a representativeness study of our industry (see in this regard the Secretariat note of 13th April 2011). Firstly, Eurofound contacted all EFCI members through its European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO) network of 27 national research institutes in the EU in order to collect relevant data for the study. In a second step, each national research institute drafted a national report and Eurofound drafted a general overview report of our industry.

The meeting aimed to officially present the main outcomes of the study for validation of EU social partners and to discuss eventual remaining questions. The main outcome is that EFCI and UNI-Europa are the EU-wide representatives of the cleaning industry sector’s employers and employees. Furthermore, the EFCI raised some specific questions mainly related to the data provided in the overview report. Eurofound representatives agreed to either make the necessary corrections or to at least introduce them in a footnote of the text.