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Final EFCI - UNI Europa conference in the frame of the joint project on the implementation of the European social dialogue

Jointly organised by UNI Europa and the EFCI, this conference was a success with 45 people present. More than a usual meeting, this conference was mainly dedicated to present the following issues:

  • European social dialogue in the cleaning sector – what has been achieved and future aims
  • Overview of the cleaning sector: actions taken and issues of concern about health and safety
  • Promotion of Socially Responsible Public Procurement in the cleaning sector
  • National response to price pressures: UK London living wage campaign
  • Challenges of the European social dialogue in the cleaning sector
  • Danish Visible Cleaners campaign – highlighting the value the role of cleaners in society
  • Collective bargaining in the Netherlands
  • Our Cleaning European Social Dialogue – looking into the future

The conference served also to identify the priorities of the EU social dialogue for the period 2011/12:

  • Health and safety
  • Regulatory issues
  • Social dialogue
  • Working conditions
  • Standards setting and training