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Public hearing of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO-Committee) at the European Parliament: Modernising EU public procurement rules - at the service of sustainable growth in lean times

After its publication by the Commission last December, the proposal for modernising EU public procurement rules was transmitted to the European Parliament and the Council in order to launch the legislative procedure. As the IMCO-Committee was appointed as Committee responsible for proposing eventual amendments to the proposal (see in this regard the Secretariat note of 30th March 2012), its Chair decided to organise a public hearing in order to question experts and to hold discussions on the key issues related to the proposal.

To this end, the IMCO-Committee invited all interested stakeholders with a view to making the public procurement rules more efficient and more supportive of common societal goals. The hearing was animated by the Chair of the IMCO-Committee, the British conservative Malcolm Harbour and by the Rapporteur, the Belgian socialist Marc Tarabella. It was mainly dedicated to two questions: How to make the most out of the strategic dimensions of public procurement (using green and social criteria in practice) and how to find the right balance for modern public procurement rules (flexibility versus legal clarity). During the hearing, different experts in the field of public procurement elaborated their views on the key issues of the proposal and answered different questions from Committee members.